Teeth Grinding Relief (TMJ)

People react to stress in many different ways. One way our bodies deal with stress, either during sleep or while awake, is through grinding teeth. Bruxism is excessive grinding of the teeth and/or clenching of the jaw. Bruxism causes tooth wear, damage to the tooth structure, and breakage of dental restorations. Symptoms commonly associated with bruxism include headaches, aching jaw muscles, and sensitive teeth. At Southmoor Dental Group, we recommend our patients wear a custom made biteplane appliance that will help alleviate many of the symptoms caused by bruxism and help protect the teeth from further damage.  Biteplane appliances are made in a two part appointment process. Both are very quick visits to the office. Initial impressions of both the upper and lower arch will be obtained during the first visit to the office. An appointment to return to the office to seat the appliance will be scheduled in two weeks. Directions on when to wear the appliance are based on daytime or nighttime bruxism.  Many of the appliances we recommend are placed on the front teeth only, eliminating the heavy biting pressure of the molars. Are you a candidate for a biteplane appliance for Bruxism? Call Southmoor Dental Group today and schedule your consultation appointment.