Teeth Whitening

A very common question in all dentist practices is about making the teeth whiter. Here at Southmoor Dental Group, we offer our patients two convenient ways to make their smiles brighter. For the patient who wants immediate results, we offer an in-office whitening system that will provide instant results, little sensitivity and no follow-up visit is required. The appointment will be performed in as little as 30 minutes.  
For the patient who is receptive to bleaching at home, whitening trays can be made to wear at their leisure. Take-home kits provide excellent results in generally 2 weeks. The patient will place the bleaching gel inside their tray and wear for one hour each day until they achieve the results they want. Both systems for Teeth Whitening provide great results; the main difference between the kits is price. Call our office if we can answer any additional questions for you.