Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal treatment can be needed for several reasons. Commonly, decay has become severe enough that it causes infection in the “pulp” of the tooth. Once the pulp has become involved, it must be removed through root canal therapy. In some cases the pulp of the tooth has devitalized unknowingly and the patient develops a dental abscess. This can happen due to previous dental treatment as well as tooth trauma. Another need for root canal treatment is when a tooth has become injured or avulsed through trauma. Root Canal Therapy consists of gaining access to the pulp of the tooth by creating a space through the tooth, usually the biting surface on molars and bicuspids and the inside on front teeth. The tissue is removed using small hand and rotary files, the canal disinfected with solution and the hollow space filled with a dental material generally known as gutta percha. Here at Southmoor Dental Group, we perform most Root Canal Therapies in the office. Once the treatment has been completed, a filling will be placed and a crown restoration recommended. Root Canals have a bad reputation for being painful, but here at Southmoor Dental Group, we do our best to make the procedure uncomplicated with little discomfort. Most importantly, it can save your tooth.