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Do you suffer from chronic snoring? Do you find yourself tired even after a full night's sleep? Take our sleep assessment to find out how we can help you!
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Better sleep begins here. Expert Sleep Medicine from screening to treatment.

It’s never been more convenient or economical to start enjoying better sleep and better health. From medical evaluation and at-home sleep testing to the latest sleep apnea treatment options, you can count on Southmoor Dental Group for sleep apnea treatment in Columbus and the surrounding communities. We are highly experienced in the treatment of sleep apnea and related snoring problems using Oral Appliance Therapy; a custom-made, easy-to-wear in-mouth appliance that is recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.


It begins with a convenient, online screening to discover whether you would benefit from an overnight, in-home sleep study. An experienced, medically approved sleep physician will review your results, so you’ll understand your individual situation and the options available to you.


If you think you suffer from sleep apnea and are looking for oral appliance therapy in Columbus, Ohio, call Southmoor Dental Group today and schedule a consultation.

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