Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease. Kids with dental problems have trouble smiling, speaking, sleeping and learning. At Southmoor Dental Group, we encourage parents to start good brushing habits early and bring their child for dental visits as soon as their first tooth comes in. We understand that not all children are ready to see the dentist at such an early age. Our staff will make the appointment positive and not be pushy to complete any treatment that the child or parent is uncomfortable with.  Why see a child around 1 year of age? At this age we can discuss dietary concerns that may affect tooth development and cavities. We will brush their teeth and complete an exam. Once your child is around the age of 3, we will start to polish their teeth as well. As soon as they are old enough to tolerate x-rays, radiographs will be obtained to check for cavities and future development of teeth. It’s important to find a dentist who makes your whole family feel comfortable. We hope we can provide that service to you and your family.